With the new Mergado Pack feature, you handle more complex export generation

Article published 17.12.2019

In the last article, we introduced cron service - a new feature in Mergado Pack, which is useful for every store that works with an XML feed. Today we will focus on another innovation - the gradual generation of exports. Learn why it's worth using this functionality.

Minimize the risk of generating errors

The gradual generation of exports brings important improvements in their creation. Until now, users have needed to generate the entire feed at once. With larger amounts of data, there have been sometimes problems, and in some cases, the entire process has failed. Our new feature brings the possibility to choose the number of products that will be generated. And thanks to the cron task, only the number of items the user chooses is then created. As a result, the entire process is accelerated, stabilized and the risk of break down is reduced.

Setting a limit on the number of products that will be generated.


The generating of products must be carried out frequently, in case of a gradual generation. However, it is up to the users, what frequency they set, and how many products they choose to generate.

The feed is generated in partial files, which after the completion of this process, combines to create a complete XML feed.

A preview of the administration page with URL of generated exports.


Extending the functionalities of the Mergado Pack regularly brings more efficient work. Soon, we are going to introduce another feature - importing prices back to the store. See also our forum for more information on Mergado Pack releases.


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