Enter the global market with the Kelkoo Group search engine

Article published 23.07.2020

Are you considering advertising on the Kelkoo Group search engine? The European pioneer among product comparison sites will bring products of your online store closer to shoppers in 26 countries around the world. Advertise your products on Kelkoo Group - you will simplify the purchase process for the end customer and penetrate several markets at once. Find out everything you need to get started on the Kelkoo Group.

Sell ​​worldwide with Kelkoo Group

The Kelkoo Group service serves customers to search for products of online stores and brings them the best price among competing brands. It provides advertisers with targeted traffic, with the help of which they can effectively increase the number of orders.

In 2017, Kelkoo also became Google's first premium CSS partner. Kelkoo Group thus ensures that 100% of the retailer's bid in Google Shopping enters the auction, while Google Shopping takes about a 20% margin from each bid. Thanks to the partnership with Kelkoo Group, online stores benefit from traffic of the same quality as Google Shopping, they use the same platform for advertising, but they achieve significant savings.

Kelkoo Group's overview. Source: https://www.kelkoogroup.com/

How to advertise on Kelkoo

The advertising system is based on the import of product data via an XML file. The products are categorized directly by the comparison engine and therefore we recommend that you include the most detailed information in the feed for better product classification. What other parameters does Kelkoo require in the product feed? You can find the exact requirements on their website.

In addition to basic advertising services, it also offers specific guides. With their help, the shopper will orient himself in the offers of more than 12 million products and thus filter out all results that do not match his search.

Export settings in Mergado.

Connection to Mergado Pack

The Kelkoo platform provides Kelkoo Sales Tracking pixel for measuring conversions, which is supported by the Mergado Pack plugin for PrestaShop and WooCommerce. To activate it, all you have to do is select the country in which you operate and the merchant ID in the Pack interface.

Kelkoo pixel in Mergado Pack.

Prepare comfortably with Mergado for the requirements of the Kelkoo Group search engine. Start with a free audit of the XML feed, which checks its status and recommends repair options.


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