Custom working habits help make your home office more efficient

Article published 21.04.2020

It is not possible to prepare for such many weeks of a home office. But we have learned how to overcome distance with new ideas and innovations. The isolation made us even more organized. Find out how to create a comfortable and productive online atmosphere.


Keep the usual schedule

The current situation has brought us an unexpected form of home offices. We have been forced to transform our daily contact into a virtual form. That's why the idea of a regular morning video call emerged. A few minutes spent together to start our new working day and provide an overview of what is happening in the team.

We start and finish our working hours with a greeting. By doing so, we make an imaginary line behind work and better switch to post-work mode. And when team members' birthday celebrations cannot be resolved personally, we solve them by sending a surprise right in front of the door.


Positive mood is vital

Coffee breaks or teambuilding can hardly be replaced via the internet. However, we have come with our alternatives. After lunch, we organize coffee calls. We solve picture puzzles to feed our brains. We regularly prepare various challenges to lighten our thoughts. There are also other activities of colleagues - for example, by making music playlists for us that improve our concentration and mood.

Create own custom habits and effective mode. If you spend some time to improve your workflow, the home office may offer you new solutions.


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