MergadoFest 19 set out on the road to the future of e-commerce

We will not be able to fully transfer the atmosphere of MergadoFest 2019 to these lines. Even so, we will try to get you as close as we can. Yes, we can't be completely objective. But we still want to say that it was a perfect day full of new information, networking, and mutual inspiration, for which we thank everyone involved.

E-shopper’s life is not only business but also fun

The morning registration opened the third MergadoFest edition. The neighboring Mersey Club hosted six lectures during the day. The introduction itself was taken care of by no one else but our general manager, Michal Janík. He reviewed Mergado's last year and showed where our service is going soon. After breakfast, the participants split into workshop rooms, which hosted dozens of speakers throughout the day. For one day, our office space has turned into a proper e-commerce event venue. The morning cycle of presentations, with pleasantly relaxing breaks and a joint lunch, went smoothly into an afternoon program in all the lecture rooms.

Bidding Fox was represented by the speaker Jirka Guňka, who introduced the principle of bidding strategies and image marketing at four different workshops. Bidding Fox's Dominika Postavová and Martin Hrnčíř demonstrated the potential of the competition report and its advantages for each Bidding Fox user.

Automation is a topic of the present day

At MergadoFest, we talked about many important topics that are currently being dealt with many brands and agencies working in e-commerce space. One of the main topics was automation, that is starting to be important in the e-shop environment.

Václav Trunec from spoke at the conference on automation. In his presentation, he summed up some important insights about the upcoming period when data feeds will begin to be pushed into the background. Adam Funiok from the Proficio agency spoke about automatic bidding, which brings both advantages and disadvantages. In his lecture, he provided many interesting tips according to which marketers and e-shoppers should choose the right bidding tool.

David Cikánek from Expando explained the pitfalls of sales on Amazon. Katka Nejedlá from Zboží.cz introduced participants to the requirements of a quality feed for advertising through Zboží.cz. How to work with reports on Heureka was shown by Michal Buzek.

To know is a must

Bidding Fox Stage belonged to workshops by Peter Gyure from Unikum agency and our Polish market specialist Anna Grzelczak. Petr took a lecture on DSA segmentation using Mergado. Anna had a workshop on marketing strategies for expansion abroad. Evelin Kiss from ui42 digital agency offered some practical tips for evaluating campaigns on comparison engines.

MergadoFest's visitors were also inspired by BESTETO's Vladimír Trevisan who focused on Google Analytics, and Patrik Němec who showed how to optimize performance campaigns with Mergado. The home team on behalf of Luděk Volejník and Michal Janík came with regular expression themes, our latest news - macros in Mergado, and improvements from Bidding Fox Elements.

All the topics were heavily debated, the mood changed to an informal, and a busy day ended with an afterparty. So far, we have got many positive feedbacks, and we firmly believe that we have been able to entice our colleagues for the next year.

We would like to thank the speakers for their engaging presentations, the participants for the original atmosphere, and everyone who helped us prepare the event that made sense. Thanks and see you next year at MergadoFest!


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