Creative solutions will bring you more customers: Polish e‑commerce during pandemic #2

Article published 07. 05. 2020
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The world of e‑commerce has had to adapt to many changes during the pandemic. New solutions for Polish e‑commerce services and their users have brought several trends. To create the most successful strategies, you need to know these trends and work with them. Read this article and respond to changes in Polish e‑commerce promptly. Whether you are selling or plan to sell in Poland, using them will outperform the competition in gaining customers.

What current trends in Polish e‑commerce will help you improve your strategies

Target the advertisement to Skąpiec

Number two among Polish comparison engines with an offer of 13 thousand stores and almost 3 million visits per month, Skąpiec currently recorded a 64% increase in the number of users and an 81% increase in conversions (compared to the same period last year).

What are the reasons for its success:

  • redesign of the main page — confusing categories have been replaced by easily accessible blocks that can be filtered (healthcare, thermometers, home office, work from home, gardening, etc.)
  • cooperation with the InPost courier service enabling contactless delivery when ordering from the website

Deliver orders with InPost

  1. The key to InPost’s success is contactless parcel delivery. This service guarantees the delivery of orders in boxes without the need to contact another person. The user conveniently activates it from the smartphone interface.
  2. InPost has also launched multidelivery — this option offers to deliver multiple orders at once, arrives on the same day and in one package — the service starts on May 15.

Big retail players are taking over e‑commerce

The inability to sell in shops has led many retailers to focus more on improving their online stores.

CCC is one of the companies that has seen a massive increase in internet sales. Compared to last year, when it operated 25% online and 75% retail, in the first quarter of this year the figure was 45% for e‑commerce and 55% for retail.

Such a significant player will likely chenge the balance of power in the Polish electronic market.

Adapt your store to the latest trends in Polish e‑commerce. You will be sure that you have directed your strategies in the right way. With Mergado, you save on the cost of external staff because it enables you to manage advertising yourself.

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Author / Lukáš Horák / 07. 05. 2020

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