More purchases and secure delivery: Polish e-commerce during a pandemic

Polish e-commerce is Europe's fastest-growing online market. Like other ones, the Polish market is affected by the situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep track of what's going on. It makes it easier to target your advertising properly and reach more customers during challenging times.


Up-to-date information will come in handy

  • Polish e-commerce grows by 18% yearly.
  • Its current market value is around PLN 51 billion.
  • There are more than 28 million e-commerce users.

Changes in Polish e-commerce during a pandemic

  • 38% of local internet users preferred to shop online during the crisis
  • 37% of Polish consumers choose e-commerce before retail because it seems to be a safer choice
  • residents of towns and villages shop online often than people in cities

What products are of the greatest interest in Poland during the quarantine period?

  • Poles buy food, cleaning products, clothing, footwear, and medical products the most.
  • Skepticism about coronavirus-related products is generally widespread - they are poorly described, often sold out, and dubious origin or quality.
Graph of the most sold products in Poland during the quarantine COVID-19. Source:

How did the conditions for the delivery of Polish online stores change with coronavirus?

  • Secure delivery without the risk of infection is one of the most important criteria for making a purchase.
  • The most common method of delivering purchases these days is Paczkomat - InPost introduced a completely non-contact option to pick up a shipment using a mobile app.
InPost app. Source: Facebook InPost

Sellers support is fundamental

Concerns about the security of the purchase increased among customers during the quarantine. To prevent customers' stress, stores began to communicate security-related information more transparently through customer support. Also, they shared information about how the store avoids the distribution of COVID-19 on their websites and social media.

The use of agencies is decreasing, the use of marketing tools is increasing

Almost all retailers had to reduce their costs in some way. This situation hit the marketing agencies most - their workload fell from 6,3 % na 3 %. Many sellers have preferred to manage advertising on their own using marketing tools.

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The options Mergado brings you.


Do not miss other important numbers from Polish e-commerce.

  • 76% of Polish internet users question stores environmentally friendliness
  • 44% of online shoppers are ready to wait longer for delivery
  • 57% of Polish online customers use Paczkomat lockers
  • 76% of stores customers think that lockers are a more environmentally friendly solution than delivery by courier service


The situation around coronavirus has changed Polish e-commerce but does not threaten its existence. Understanding how it currently works will help you increase the store's chances to succeed. Set up your advertising with Mergado. You have 30 days to try it for free.


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