2021 in Mergado. Recap this year with us

Article published 16. 12. 2021
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With the end of the season approaching, we bring you an overview of the past year. We did a lot. Mergado has got enriched by many new features, speaks Hungarian, and has seen a few international expos. What are this year’s highlights for us?

2021 was a year of new functionalities, expansion, and community education

There was no shortage of milestones and interesting news in Mergado this year. Come with us to see the biggest of them:

  • Our developers worked a lot in 2021. They made 23 releases and improved the tool with major features such as Oneliner, new information bars, queries, table views, or many added formats.
  • We successfully launched Mergado in Hungarian and prepared 5 webinars for Hungarian users during the year.
  • We have become part of E‑commerce Hungary, E‑commerce Croatia, and a partner of the Kaufland.de platform.
  • We posted 322 articles in 11 languages ​​for our readers.
  • This year made visiting some offline events possible. In the autumn, we went to Warsaw, Poland for the Expo 21 — Targi E‑Handlu, to Zagreb, Croatia for the Cro Commerce conference, and we didn’t miss ShopCamp in Prague. There was also our MeetUp in Brno.
  • We did not lag in support either. In 2021, our support solved more than 7 500 queries for user satisfaction.
  • We added new apps to the Mergado Store. They include Translating Parrot, Scraping Camel, Kvinono, Ordelogy Mini, PPC Wolf, and brand new Ordelogy KeyWords.
  • The Mergado Pack has also been successful — over 2,000 users downloaded the WooCommerce module.
  • We have trained over 860 participants in our workshops.
  • For 2022, we have also presented a new certification system. Take a look at how the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Partner categories work.

Holiday mode is slowly starting

And not just for you. Our team is also going to enjoy the Christmas holiday. But don’t worry, Mergado doesn’t stop working. Support is available to you at 09.00 — 16.00 on weekdays from December 21, 22, 23, and 27 to 31. And we see each other fully again from January 3.

Mergado wishes you peaceful holidays and a successful year 2022.

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Author / Petra Marková / 16. 12. 2021

With her melodious Slovak language skills, copywriter Petra takes care of the Slovak market. She texts, blogs, translates and passionately creates content on social networks. And when she’s not looking for the right words, she dedicates time to her residential jungle, baking, cafes, or traveling.

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