Oneliner accelerates the creation of queries in Mergado

Article published 14.07.2021

We develop new functionalities to help Mergado users to perform tasks faster and more conveniently. One of the new features is oneliner. As its name implies, you can search for new text in frequently searched elements in one line. Let's take a closer look at what it looks like.

Oneliner works similarly to full-text search

The new feature provides an easy way to create search terms without clicking through additional windows or extra clicks. This simple line helps you quickly find a query by product name or element.

The original way of writing conditions did not disappear from Mergado. Therefore, you can continue to make queries as you would. But we believe that when you try the oneliner, you begin to like it for its speed and prefer it.

What else is new in queries

1. You can now control the creation of queries only with the keyboard (cursor arrows, condition characters, TAB).

2. Within the value insinuator, you can search for the results using regular expressions.

3. We've added the option to click multi-conditional queries.

4. Click the Reset button to clear the entire form.

5. You can look for the value of an element in another element in the "simple interface."

6. You can (optionally) add a note to the query.

7. In the element insinuator you can find the verbal meaning of the most frequently used elements and the signaling if there are no values in the given element on the input.

8. We have provided more space for saved queries and their management. They have their own dedicated tab under which you can easily manage them.

At Mergado, we're constantly developing new features to help you manage your advertising. Have you been using our tool only for a short time? Watch our video guide. It provides you with all the basic information on how to use our tool.

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