News from WordPress and WooCommerce will help you improve your store shopping experience

WordPress platform and its WooCommerce module introduced their new versions in recent weeks. They contain useful updates that you can use in our Mergado Pack. Let's describe them in more detail to understand how you can use them to modernize the way you advertise products.


What functions introduced WordPress and WooCommerce in spring 2020


Be more visible with WordPress 5.4 updates

In addition to many other updates, the platform has added blocks to the library.

Block of social media icons

This block makes it easy to add social media links inside your WordPress posts and pages.

Blok ikon sociálních sítí ve WordPressu 5.4.

Block of social media icons in WordPress 5.4. Source:


New button block

The new button block allows you to add more than one button side by side. You can choose from two different styles, use own text, own background colors, and other minor enhancements.

Button block in WordPress 5.4. Source:

WordPress 5.4 includes a tool that allows users to easily select the block they want to change. Users who use nested blocks such as Group or Columns will benefit from this enhancement.

Icon for changes in blocks in WordPress 5.4. Source:

Get more insight into advertising with WooCommerce 4.0

The new version of WooCommerce offers, among other updates, a new dashboard, more sophisticated reports, and improved stock management.

This new feature gives you a quick overview of important sales data. Also, you can get a closer look at their details using the analytics dashboard for business management. If you configure this panel to meet your needs, you'll get a deeper insight into the metrics that matter most to you.

New dashboard in WooCommerce 4.0. Source:

Reports are newly filterable and extendable, which speeds up reporting. There are reports on sales, revenue, popular/highest-grossing products, categories, taxes, and more. For easy integration with other systems, you can use report data export.

New reports in WooCommerce 4.0. Source:

With this feature, you can access critical functions from any WooCommerce screen in WP-Admin. The function is connected to the API via the Activity Panel. Your work will be more effective when fulfilling orders, managing stock and inventory, and moderating reviews.

Stock management tools in WooCommerce 4.0. Source:


New updates are also available in the Mergado Pack

If you use Mergado to advertise with WooCommerce and connect these platforms with our module, we have good news for you. This plugin recently gained an improved look and is also compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce 4.0. So you can handle issues related to Event Planner, multisite mode, coupon usage, and more.

Read this thread in our forum for details.


There were released many innovations on WordPress and WooCommerce - and also in the appropriate Mergado module - in March. Get the most of them by learning how to use as many of their functions as possible.


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