Take advantage of the Árukereső Trusted Shop function on WooCommerce and PrestaShop

Do you sell through WooCommerce or PrestaShop on the Hungarian comparison engine Árukereső? Join the customer review gathering program here. It will give you a better insight into how to improve your advertising. If you use th Mergado Pack, you can easily activate the Trusted Shop function.

Get your goods in front of Hungarian customers

The Trusted Shop function (Kiemelt ajánlatok) allows you to gather customer reviews on Árukereső. After activating the function in the Mergado Pack module, your store will send information about orders to the comparison site. It will send customer review questionnaires based on this information then. Of course, your customer may refuse to participate. The module adds an opt-out consent to the last step of the order.

The customer must therefore tick that he does not agree with sending the questionnaire. Thanks to the Mergado Pack, you can also activate the Trusted Shop widget (similar to Verified Customers) on your website and adjust its position and behavior.

The widget will not work until the conditions are met:

  • Version with a "green frame" - in 60 days you must receive at least 10 reviews, the rating of which does not fall below 4.2.
  • Version with a "green background" - in 60 days you must get at least 60 reviews, the rating of which does not fall below 4.6.

How to implement the Árukereső Trusted Shop function

NOTE: The entire administration environment is only in Hungarian. We use Google Translator for the English translation. Therefore, some translations may be slightly inaccurate.

To activate Trusted Shop, you must first have an account in Árukereső. You initiate it in the Trusted Shop -> Settings tab.

After activation, your WebAPI key appears in the administration in the Technical assistance drop-down tab.

If you do not have the Mergado Pack module, install it.

In the module administration, go to the tab Advertising systems -> Árukereső. Activate the function and edit the consent text displayed in the ordering process. You can edit the text of the consent for each active language in the online store.

Consider activating the floating widget feature. Or adjust its position and behavior.

Test that the feature is implemented and working. If you place a test order on the email you specified during registration, a list of received test orders will be displayed in the same tab as your WebAPI key.

In the Árukereső administration, in the Settings -> Change the time to send feedback letters tab, you can change the number of days from the order to the sending of the email to the customer.

In addition to the floating widget, you can place a simpler badge anywhere on the web. You can find codes for insertion in the tab Posting reviews -> Badge.

Árukereső sends emails on behalf of your email address used for registration. To send them correctly, set up a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) on your domain. Because some mail servers can verify the sender's origin and your review requests could end up in spam.

Árukereső recommends adding an SPF record for their '_spf-c.arukereso.hu' server to the DNS of your TXT domain.

If for some reason you cannot edit the DNS records of the SPF, Árukereső recommends contacting info@arukereso.hu. The address megbizhatobolt@arukereso.hu then takes over the sending of emails with questionnaires.


Understand the benefits of the Mergado Pack

Still can't decide whether to use the Mergado Pack? This short video will explain how to use the module.


Do not hesitate to advertise on Árukereső. Although the business environment is strict in Hungary, it is used by more and more foreign e-shops. With Mergado, you can set up advertising yourself. And Mergado Pack easily connects your stores on e-commerce platforms with major comparison engines.


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