Advertise on Árukereső.hu, Hungary's largest shopping engine

Article published 13.01.2021

Have you successfully penetrated neighboring markets with your online store, and are you thinking about where to go next? Hungarian e-commerce has been said for several years to be one of the most ideal targets for expanding online stores. And where else in Hungary to start advertising than on the most popular local shopping engine Árukereső. Let's introduce the number one among Hungarian shopping engines and how Mergado will help you with advertising.

Árukereső is the most popular comparison shopping site in Hungary

Árukereső has been operating since 2004. In addition to Hungary, it operates under the names Compari in Romania and Pazararuvaj in Bulgaria. They all are members of the Heureka Group since 2016. Over 3900 online stores currently advertise there. Its average monthly traffic is around 12 million users, and it operates on the web interface and the mobile application. It has a very intuitive interface.

According to Similar Web data, 70% of these arrivals come from organic. Other visitors to the site come through paid advertising. These data and information from the Heureka Group clearly show that it is worth advertising on Árukereső.

Do you wonder how to succeed in the competition of Hungarian e-commerce? Get more customers in Hungary. Using contactless transport and contactless payments.

Attendance at Árukereső.hu. Source:

How Árukereső.hu works for online stores

  • You upload the store offer via CSV or XML in the Árukereső specification.
  • You pay for a click on the online store page. Cost-per-click varies by category. To activate, it is necessary to top up a credit of at least HUF 10,000.
  • After successful registration, you can join the Verified by Customers program (Megbízható bolt). As part of this program, Árukereső automatically sends questionnaires to your customers. If you receive 10 reviews in 60 days with a rating of at least 4.2, you will receive a transparent badge, which you will place on your site. If you get 60 reviews in 60 days with a minimum rating of 4.6, you get a green badge.
  • If your store has the Megbízható bolt badge, you can take part in the Hungarian version of the Shop of the Year event. If your store wins in one of the categories, it will receive a badge, which will be displayed, for example, directly on the product card.
  • Online stores can also receive a Quality shop award (Termék kiemelése).
  • Árukereső is a Google CSS partner. You can also use the services of the engine for cheaper advertising in the Hungarian Google.
Product card on Árukereső. Source:

What you must not forget

  • use a .hu domain
  • Hungarians have little trust in the untranslated shops – spend enough time translating into Hungarian
  • use the correct HUF currency in the feed – this common mistake creates inconsistencies in prices and turnover


With Mergado you set up advertising for Árukereső yourself

Are you considering expanding to the Hungarian online market? With Mergado, you will use the formats that you already use and convert them to the ones you currently need. With our virtual tool, you can automatically manage data feeds. In Mergado, you can manage online store advertising yourself. It will speed up daily marketing tasks and save costs for employing programmers.


Don't hesitate to advertise on Árukereső. Despite the business environment is stricter in Hungary than, for example, in Slovakia or the Czech Republic, it is used by more and more foreign shops. Are you interested in advertising in other countries? Try Romanian eMAG or Polish Allegro.


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