Get the Quality Shop certificate from Árukereső

Are you thinking about how to get your goods more in front of Hungarian customers' sight? We recently described that advertising on Árukereső is one of the pivotal steps for you to succeed in Hungary. In this article, we will introduce its Kiemelt ajánlatok certification and how to get it so that you can be among the first three recommended online store offers.

Example of an offer of three recommended e-shops. Source:

What a store must meet to receive the Kiemelt ajánlatok certificate

  • Its product card must contain at least 4 offers from different online stores.
  • You must sell goods with Hungarian VAT.
  • To select the top 3 offers in the product card, Árukereső assigns a score to each product offer according to the following criteria:
    • To get it, you must have the Megbízható Bolt service in place – this condition is necessary.
    • Quality of customer reviews, including ratings via Megbízható Bolt – this is a prerequisite for getting among the first 3 recommended stores for the product.
    • Variance from the average bid on the product page.
    • The CPC price.
    • Providing the option to inspect the product.


Work on the quality of customer reviews. This long-term issue, along with the price and availability of goods, is the best way to influence the order in which offers are displayed. Remember that you can effectively set up e-shop strategies by bidding.


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