Automatic data backup saves you a lot of concerns

Feed backups often help shop owners and marketers when they need to track the status of a date or time. Mergado does not make such advances for individual exports. However, you can set them up using external services that work automatically and back up your feed for free.

Be inspired by our practice

There is a decent line of feed data backup services, and each user has their preferences, so even in this case, we recommend testing different options to find the most effective solution.

Mergado consultant Luděk Volejník has tried the IFTTT service. It offers two "applets" (software components running within a web browser) that automatically download the file from a specified URL and save it to a preset location, such as Dropbox.

XML Archiver downloads and saves XML every hour, and an applet called Download file from a specific URL to Dropbox backs up once a day.

Technical difficulties

When backing up this way, some limits are given by the storage location or the amount of data. For example, IFTTT has a limit of 30 MB per file.

You must know that queries and rules cannot be backed up in Mergado in this way. You can only back up feeds, but that's useful too. Recently, one of our clients was solving a problem with product evaporation. He demanded our support for an output feed from 14 days ago. But with so many feeds that users set up in Mergado, it is not possible to store such data. That's why it's important to use automatic feed backup - you'll get back to all the stored data you need.


Browse service options to back up feed data. Backing up saves you the trouble of finding specific data because you can return to it at any time. Are you interested in more tips on how to advertise? In the Tips for working with Mergado section, you will find several interviews with useful information on how to work with Mergado. Play them and get the ad in shape.

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