Entrust the translation of your feed to the automated Translating Parrot app

Article published 21.04.2021

Do you want to expand abroad with your online stores? Then try the new Translating Parrot application. It does an automatic translation of the XML and CSV feed that you need for your store, local marketplace, or advertising systems. See how easy it is to work with it.

Get your online store ready for foreign customers

Expansion beyond the domestic market begins with a flawless feed. You have to translate it into the language of the target country. The translation of the feed is needed not only for the store but also for access to local shopping engines or marketplaces.

In the current version of the application, you can translate the feed in this combination of languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Slovak

How does the Translating Parrot app work?

  • The application translates the feed into the required target language. You can use automatic translation (working on artificial intelligence) or define a manual translator.
  • The first translation is created in a few hours, and its updates are already working faster.
  • Translating Parrot translates new products automatically during the normal regeneration of the feed in Mergado. You can also translate more XML feeds within the online store.

Procedure for compiling a feed with Translating Parrot:

1. Set the dictionary you want to use for translation - you can choose between automatic or user-defined dictionaries (they work similarly to the rules for bulk editing in Mergado).

2. Create a translator and set which dictionary to use for the translation. Then choose which product query and feed element you want to translate. It is usually necessary to translate 3-5 elements in the feed. So you need to create the same number of translators - each for one element.

3. The translation takes place when applying the rules during the regeneration of the feed in Mergado, i. e. every two hours.


Are you interested in options of an automatic translation from Translating Parrot? Try it for ten free days. The app devs Ordelogy will help you set it up. Contact their consultant Martin Čtvrtníček.

Translating Parrot

Translating Parrot works as a translator of the XML feed into the required target language. The application can help you expand with the online store or through the marketplace and complexly prepare your feed. You can choose from automatic translation or define it manually. Translating Parrot is currently suitable for feeds up to about 2000 products. Try its benefits for the ten free days.

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