Edit products in bulk using rules in Mergado

Article published 05.02.2020

Mergado's automation of advertising is largely based on using rules and applying them to products in the feed. You can apply rules to all products, or use them in combination with queries to determine which rule will apply to particular items. This article introduces the latest and most used rules in Mergado.

Import data files and bulk copy values

Data File Import rule

With this rule, you use a CSV file to import edits to existing items. The rule supports the insertion of the asset also by the specified URL. Using it in Mergado, you can e. g. keep values in tags as needed.

Bulk Copy Values rule

With this rule, you can simply and bulk copy values from multiple tags to other ones.

A preview of the Bulk Copy Values rule.

We have improved some frequently used rules

Rename Categories in Bulk rule

Many e-shops use own category labels, but some comparison engines require a clear specification of the content of the CATEGORYTEXT tag. This rule makes it easier to adjust categories to the requirements of specific comparison engines. It allows you to add multiple pairs of categories, and with added lines you can save everything as one rule, which saves you a lot of time. You can also find another help here - the possibility to highlight lines with absent categories.

Overwrite in Bulk rule

It allows you to completely overwrite the tag's original values and set new, different values for each product query. All in one rule. The right-hand side rule form can also suggest values that are already in use on the right-hand side.

Example of setting up a rule for splitting an assortment into price levels and setting a different cost-per-click.

Set UTM Parameters in URL rule

This rule helps you tag a URL for Google Analytics. We have added the option to set this rule as the target tag to which the UTM parameters should be rewritten. At the same time, existing rules of this type retain the already set tag.

Rename Values in Bulk rule

It can completely overwrite the original values of a tag based on the values in another element. We have improved that in regular expressions mode. In the right column, you can currently use numbered back-references. These refer to the text that catches regular expressions in the left column.


In the autumn of 2019, we added the possibility to apply the rules to the "monitored" products - products in the export that are marked to be tracked in their transit through rules. You can find this option on the Rules page in the clickable button to launch the rule application.

utton to start applying rules to monitored products.

The rules in Mergado help you with many major and minor tasks in optimizing your advertising. Learn how to use them as much as possible, eliminating many manual actions and mistakes you make.


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On November 7, 2019, a new release of Mergado took place. His most important feature is the new Bulk Copy Values rule. It also provides support for new formats. Let's take a closer look at the news.

Import store's CSV files via URL with the latest Mergado release

Are you also a user of Mergado who has been eagerly awaiting the feature of importing CSV data files into our platform? You can do this for several weeks using the new Data File Import rule. Starting this afternoon, you will also be able to add the data in this rule via the URL.


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