Improve the pricing policy of your store with three pricing applications from the Mergado Store

If you want to avoid laborious manual pricing in an online store, go to the Mergado Store, which offers three applications for setting prices of products. Do you wonder which one is the most suitable for your assortment and specific business priorities? Continue reading and pick the right pricing app for you.

  1. Pricing Fox
  2. Pricing Monitor
  3. Pricing Rank

Pricing Fox – an advantage for those who can't bid

The most recent pricing application can dynamically change prices based on criteria that an online store chooses.

It is a convenient alternative for merchants and marketers who cannot bid, because they do not have enough competitors on the product card, or are on a card where bidding is not possible. With Pricing Fox, you save significantly on credit or CPC and entrust prices to an app that automatically monitors them according to your requirements.

The Pricing Fox app works on the Mergado platform - it recalculates the prices of goods according to the rules you set. They are applied to product queries or an entire range.

Pricing Fox interface and settings on the Products page.

What can Pricing Fox help you with?

  • revalue the assortment according to the competitor or position
  • monitor the development of store prices and competitors
  • work and respect the purchase price of goods
  • export the assortment in CSV, XML, and HTML formats
  • set limits on the final price
  • apply selected rules to all products or queries
  • connect pricing to e-commerce systems Shoptet, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, UPgates and Shopion
  • compare all offers between paired products


Discover the benefits of automatic pricing in your store and try Pricing Fox for 15 days for free in the Mergado Store.

Pricing Fox will introduce a new feature in the next release - a test rule on which you test pricing without the output prices being overwritten in Heureka or on the online store. It will give you an idea of how price can evolve based on the rule, and at the same time, test how its interface works.


Pricing Monitor – compares the prices of competitors on Heureka

The major function of the application is to monitor the prices of a store in comparison with the competition in the Heureka product card. Pricing Monitor can also advise you on how to work with the price of the assortment and recommend cheaper or more expensive goods.

To take full advantage of the app, you need to obtain an Assortment report from Heureka and have an active Verified by Customers badge. After the first activation in Mergado, you will get information about paired products and their price compared to other stores on the card.


Development of store prices in the Pricing Monitor application.

What features does the Pricing Monitor offer?

  • monitoring the prices of goods concerning the costs of a store
  • monitoring the development of margins for products (after connecting cost XML to Mergado)
  • showing the position concerning the competition
  • detailed recommendations for the next pricing process
  • export of data to CSV for further processing in a store


Get up-to-date information on competitive prices and test your Pricing Monitor equipment for 10 days for free in the Mergado Store.


Pricing Rank – efficient pricing strategies for advertising on Heureka

The application focuses on pricing strategies that affect positions in the Heureka product card. Pricing Rank allows you to set the position you want to be on the comparison engine, and at the same time, monitors positions of the assortment between other offers of the competition.

For a setting of the pricing policy in Pricing Rank, it is also necessary to obtain the Assortment report and Verified by customers. On Heureka, the app works with positions under bidding offers (up to 10th place inclusive). At the same time, it daily evaluates the best direction in which pricing should move, thus keeping pricing up to date.

An overview of a store pricing policy in the Pricing Rank application.

What can Pricing Rank do?

  • control the position of the goods in the product card on Heureka in the price comparison section
  • set different pricing policies for individual assortment groups
  • show an overview of how your store is doing among the competition
  • consider placement in a product card
  • recommend further steps when changing the price and evaluate the change of prices
  • download the results to a CSV file


Do you want to learn all the features of Pricing Rank yourself? Try it for 10 days for free.



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