Reach more customers with Google Ads

Article published 05.12.2018

Google Ads is a Google service that gives your site bigger importance in Google search. By using relevant keywords, you will bring more customers and get the appropriate audience that can come from your area or from anywhere in the world.

Why you should use Google Ads

Google Ads provides the ability to advertise on Google, its Search and Display Network, or partner websites. Your ad is triggered by keywords – that means it will appear on Google at the time someone is looking for products that your online store offers. You can target your campaigns in a variety of ways (such as bringing new visitors to the site or increasing online sales) and across regions (countries, regions, cities, or a particular distance from your business).

Pay for the results

Signing up for Google Ads is free. Payments are charged only when a user clicks your ad which redirects him to your site. The amount of the budget is entirely up to you.

Google Ads campaign types

Search Network Ads

Google Search Network Ads are text ads that stand above (sometimes also below) organic search results and are labeled as "AD." Because they are triggered by keywords, you address those customers who have a real interest in your products. You will see the results of these campaigns almost immediately.

If you offer well-known products, you need to think about how to engage the customer - he will often see your ad together with your competition ad as well. Brand new products (and unfamiliar goods in general) have a very low chance of success - remember: What the customer doesn't know, he doesn't look for it.

An example of the Google Search Network Ad. Source:

Display Network Ads

Display Network Ads allow text and image campaigns. You can choose whether your ad is based on keywords, the site's targeting, or specific URLs. You can also choose whether to show your ad to users with a particular interest and behavior, or by demographics.

If you offer new or specific goods, you can easily reach users who do not know your online store. This is possible thanks to the capabilities of image ads that are easier to attract customer's attention.

An example of the Google Display Network Ad. Source:

Google Shopping Ads

Online stores can also use the Google Shopping Ads. These ads consist of an image, a description, and product prices - their potential to attract customers is greater than plain text ads. Keywords are not used here. That means you have less control over displaying your ad.

To run a Google Shopping campaign, you must have a Google Merchant Center account and a quality XML feed that will be generated according to Google's requirements. You can only use these ads in countries where Google Shopping operates.

An example of the Google Shopping Ad. Source:

Other campaign types and subtypes

Other ways to attract customers at Google are video campaigns and universal app campaigns. These tools are very specific and only few online stores use them.

Campaign subtypes

Search Network Ads

  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Call-only campaigns

Display Network Ads

  • Remarketing, including DSA campaigns
  • Gmail ads
  • Smart Content campaigns


If you're thinking about using another online marketing channel, try Google Ads. With Search Network Ads, you're able to get more clients even with a low budget. With Display Network Ads, you can easily advertise interesting and specific goods. Wondering how to use Google Ads with Mergado? We will show you in the follow-up of this article.

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