Why you need so much personal information to register in Mergado, and why you don't have to be afraid of it

Article published 09.12.2020

Do you think that the Mergado registration form has a lot of fields and wants a lot of information from you right away, even if you want to try it? No need to worry about that. Below, we will explain why.

How user accounts in Mergado work?

Just like in Google. The user registers. He can then create online stores and exports. Or access them from other users. You only pay for online stores. User accounts are always free.

Why so much information is needed?

Because we might need it one day, often to issue an invoice for services. Or to send notifications, for example, because your online store is not working at the moment.

Why you don't need to be afraid of using Mergado?

  • Because it consists of a team of living people who are subject to Czech law.
  • Because e-mail newsletters always have opt-out links.
  • Because Mergado support is user-friendly, for example, if we send you an invoice that you do not agree with, reply to it via an e-mail. We will solve everything with you, of course in English.

We kindly ask you

Please enter true information. Common problem is that the customer wonders why he doesn't get invoices and that we turned off his online store. And we then find out that he stated "MYSHOP-spams@yahoo.com" as a contact e-mail. And who knows if he set up a redirect from Yahoo to his e-mail box.


We are looking forward to working with you. Please proceed to register for Mergado.

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