Use keyboard shortcuts to work with Mergado

Mergado brings its users a variety of tricks to speed it up and make it more enjoyable. With the new design, we have added more keyboard shortcuts to Mergado. Without them, it is difficult to work properly. So what shortcuts can you use?

Mergado has recently brought a new design that aims to be clearer, more intuitive and simpler. The simplification is related to keyboard shortcuts that Mergado has added:

  • ALT + letter for Chrome
  • CTRL + ALT + letter for Firefox

Shortcuts everywhere

We divide the shortcuts according to where you can use them.

Anywhere in Mergado:

  • ALT + N - new export; a shortcut redirects you to a new export

When there is a link to the export bar in the left menu:

  • ALT + F - opens project and export panel

In Export:

  • ALT + P - Products page
  • ALT + R - Rules page
  • ALT + T - New rule
  • ALT + E - Elements page
  • ALT + A - Analytics
  • ALT + S - General settings

Master the keyboard shortcuts in Mergado. They will help you speed up your advertising work and save time.

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