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Google Shopping comes with a new way to connect online stores even more with their target customers. New possibilities are offered by the Merchant Center service program. With it, you can automatically display the range in unpaid results on Google.

Explore new opportunities

With these new features, Google Shopping brings better opportunities for online stores, helping them to achieve higher search rankings. Google Platforms program allows online stores to automatically display products in unpaid results on their major platforms.

US store customers have successfully tested the feature, and its extension is now available in all countries where Google Merchant Center services operate.

How to set up Google Merchant Center. Source:

How it works

For your products to appear in unpaid results in Google formats, you must upload a data source to this service. Once they do, customers can see your offer on the Google Images platform, the Google Shopping tab, Google Lens, and Google Search. The main benefits of it are free participation for online stores and displaying the assortment in search results.

For a store to participate in a project, it must keep the rules for displaying products on Google platforms and other criteria. You find these in the best practices on the Google Merchant Center support page.


A new project from Google gives you an effective way to target shoppers on multiple platforms at once. Google Shopping is an important sales channel that requires well-designed advertising. Master this marketing service by learning how to use Mergado.


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