Display only hidden products in Mergado as needed

Recently, one of our users turned to our support to help him display only those products that are hidden in output in Mergado. This question has a simple solution that could be useful to other marketers or online store owners. That's why we've written a short guide for you.


How to display only hidden products in Mergado


  • On the Products page, create an export to CSV (it does not matter whether for input or output data).
Create a CSV export on the Products page.
  • Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet editor (Calc, Excel, etc.).
  • In the second column "is_hidden", click on the default filter.
  • Display only rows with a value of 1 here.



If you want to work with such products in Mergado, copy a column of values - such as ITEM_ID (or any value that is unique to that product). To get a query of these products, set these value in the "is included in the enumeration" condition.

The products you want to work with can be obtained using the condition "included in the enumeration".


That was easy, wasn't it? If you have a question that might also help other Mergado users, share it in our forum.


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