Use Mergado as a data feed editor

Article published 31.03.2020

Did you know that with Mergado you can edit not only feeds for comparison engines but also do general modifications of XML and CSV feeds, which you then use for importing into the online store or for wholesale partners? Let's see what Mergado can do as a data feed editor.


Mergado is a handy data feed editor

One of the many qualities of our tool is the possibility to manage all feeds from suppliers or wholesale partners.


Basic modifications

  • hiding products
  • setting prices for individual customers
  • editing product images using the Feed Image Editor app
  • etc.

Advanced editing

Extend your feed with data from other sources

In Mergado, you can add data from other sources, such as Bidding Fox Elements. You can also use the rule for importing a CSV file. It adds data from another source into your feed.

Import the output feed to other platforms

Another Mergado function is importing the output feed to other platforms that can import data in XML or CSV format.


You can use our custom format to upload a feed with an unknown specification.

Mergado is a multifunctional tool. Do not limit your work to editing feeds only for comparison engines. You can use it as a data editor to manage all feeds from suppliers or wholesale partners.


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