Discover the benefits of multistore with Mergado Pack

Article published 26.02.2020

Do you own several online stores, and each has its own administration? Simplify their management and use the best place for your business - multistore. All stores are clearly systematized in one place, which saves your time and costs in managing your business. Let's see how Mergado Pack works in multistore mode.

Take control of a number of online stores

If you are looking for a solution to manage multiple sales platforms, multistore is an effective choice. PrestaShop and OpenCart have the option to combine multiple stores into one hosting, administration, or installation.

Multistore in OpenCart.

Benefits of multistore:

  • convenient management of several online stores
  • appearance, shipping, and payment or product information may vary across stores
  • setting different prices for one type of goods
  • one hosting and one administration for several e-shops
  • marketing focus on multiple target customers and potential clients
  • multilingual e-shops do not have to use one domain for each store separately, in multistore you set default menu, language and you can use better specialization and focus on SEO
Multistore in PrestaShop.

Using multistore together with the Mergado Pack brings benefits for efficient export of feed to Mergado, or conversion tracking. The module works in a multistore mode on PrestaShop and OpenCart platforms. It is easy to set up, control, and switch between stores.


Skip the complicated data transfers between stores and their complex synchronization. With multistore, you gain several functionalities that will make it easier to manage your business. Share your opinions on the multistore in our forum.


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