Get the most out of post-Christmas sales

Article published 11.12.2019

Do not pay attention to sales only until Christmas. More and more people buy goods during post-Christmas discounts time. Prepare thoroughly for sales during this period. If you make your post-Christmas strategies smartly, they will bring additional profit to your e-shop.


How to prepare for the post-Christmas sale

Creating strategies for post-Christmas sales should begin by choosing the right product range. The past years show that more expensive goods are doing well, but if the store creates effective advertising, it can sell products of almost any category. Customers often use gift vouchers after Christmas. In the post-Christmas period, they also begin with New Year's resolutions, which can be targeted as well.

Preparing for Christmas sale involves many tasks that are the same as before Christmas. However, some pitfalls differ.


What to know when creating post-Christmas strategies


Obtain enough goods

  • Store enough products and create attractive prices.
  • However, when pricing, keep in mind that your prices need to be credible. In the past, some sellers first artificially raised prices to offer appealing discounts by tens of percent. Therefore, too high discounts could discourage some customers.
  • Make it easier for customers to navigate by creating special categories. Choose new target groups for the post-Christmas period appropriately.


Think about who your customers will be

  • Create audiences for users who have been to your store but have not purchased anything.
  • Reach them again after Christmas using well-targeted mailing.


Prepare a high-quality advertisement

  • Create special advertising on fulltext, the content network, or remarketing.
  • Prepare post-Christmas banners (e. g. using the Feed Image Editor), slogans, or PPC ad texts.
Prepare post-Christmas banners using Feed Image Editor. source:

Focus on appropriate SEO

  • Write attractive captions with the right keywords, meta tags, and understandable URLs on your site.
  • Publish articles with backlinks to your online store on foreign websites.


Offer vouchers

  • Let your customers know about your post-Christmas discounts before Christmas by offering vouchers and discount coupons.
  • Engage your potential customers on social networks, for example, through vouchers they share with friends, and family.


Make the most of your post-Christmas campaigns by preparing for them in time and correctly. Automate strategies in Mergado and edit product images in bulk using the Feed Image Editor.


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