Actual release in Mergado brings the new rule and new formats

Article published 08. 11. 2019
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On November 7, 2019, a new release of Mergado took place. His most important feature is the new Bulk Copy Values rule. It also provides support for new formats. Let’s take a closer look at the news.

Introducing the Bulk Copy Values rule

Starting November 7, you can apply edits to Mergado products with a new rule type — Bulk Copy Values. With this rule, you can simply and collectively copy values from multiple elements to other elements.

We have improved the Bulk Rename Categories rule

The Bulk Rename Categories rule has a new feature — the ability to highlight lines with absent categories.

More news and improvements

  • We have updated the format for the marketplace to match the current specification.
  • We’ve added support for new formats:
  • We have fixed a bug that caused the and fotmats didn‘t embed the RATING element to output.
  • In the format, multiple elements (TAGS| x, IMAGES| y, and CITIES| z) are now exported correctly.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

And what else?

Soon we’re going to release another feature. That’s why we have released a new feature — so far for an internal group of people — to try and fine-tune: the rule planner.

Get the maximum out of the latest release. You want to keep track of previous batches of our improvements and fixes? Read this thread in our forum.

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Author / Lukáš Horák / 08. 11. 2019

Lukáš takes care of most of the Czech and English communication in Mergado. Through blogs, e‑mail, and social networks, he regularly supplies readers with e‑commerce news and news and tips from Mergado. In his time off, he enjoys simple things like badminton, digging the hidden gems of the 80’s, and seafood served with red wine.

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