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Article published 10. 07. 2018
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International expansion is the #1 topic for eCommerce businesses. Globalization and internet enable online stores to offer and deliver their products abroad without much trouble. But having the correct information is crucial when deciding to expand anywhere.

How about expanding your eCommerce business to Czechia? Czech eCommerce is very specific as it is one of the four markets of the world where Google or Facebook are not #1 or #2 (in desktop). So when considering to advertise on Czech online market, you should definitely take into account the leaders — Heureka and And today we will show you how to advertise on

What you want to know about

As mentioned above, is #2 comparison shopping engine on the Czech market. Operated by since 2007, it competes directly with its main competitor, Average daily number of visits is circa 100.000 users per day (

What not to forget requires foreign online stores wishing to advertise on its platform to meet several conditions:

  • Prices must be in Czech crowns (CZK) and must be concrete (you should not use “prices start at…”)
  • The website must also be localized to the Czech language (including the shopping cart and terms & conditions)

An obvious fact is to secure an affordable and reliable logistics from your country to Czechia.

Registering a foreign online store

First, navigate to the registration page (in Czech only) and click “Jsem zahranicni klient” (meaning “I’m a foreign client”) (image 1). To proceed, you either need to login to your existing account, or create one (image 2).

When logged in, you will need to provide this information (image 3):

  • Your Czech office registration number (not required)
  • The name of your online store
  • URL address of your online store
  • URL address of your product feed

​​The Czech office registration number is optional as it is no longer required to have a Czech office in Czechia.

The last important step is to top-up your credit to “Seznam Peněženka” (meaning “Seznam wallet”) similarly to the Google Adwords system. Only then will your product offers appear on

It is important to say that your product feed must meet the required feed specifications. To create such a feed, I would recommend using a feed optimization tool such as Mergado, for example, that will take your current feed and automatically create a feed with the specifications.

Mergado tip

If you don’t have a Czech speaking specialist on your team, I would suggest approaching a Czech marketing agency that will help you manage your Czech campaigns. You can choose from our certified agencies.

Author / Radim Zhoř / 10. 07. 2018
Tags: MERGADO tips

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