Christmas is almost here: Improve your advertising in all aspects

Christmas Eve is coming, the shopping madness culminates and the marketeers are doing everything in their power to ensure that the customers find everything they need, reducing the risk of losing their conversions. Here‘s a list of the most important things to improve your advertising in Mergado.

How to set up advertising before Christmas

1. Check if the advertisement is errors-free

  • Audit your feed. It's free and it will help you to detect problematic parts that are slowing down your advertising.
  • Check your feed with Repairman app, as it helps you fix major mistakes and minor details alike.
  • Pay attention to each step during the shopping process at your or your client's online store. You'll find out why have your customers stopped purchasing from the online store.

2. Prevent complications

  • Make sure your products are categorized and paired correctly.
  • Track your credit amount. It prevents advertising disconnection.
  • Keep your image advertising precise. The images must be in a good format, and if it's permitted by the search engine, make them sizzling with graphic elements and texts. To optimize image advertising, we offer the Feed Image Editor app.

3. Take care of your customers

  • Let your customers know that their gifts will arrive by Christmas. If you do not have the goods in stock, try to shorten the delivery time as much as possible or at least think about whether you're able to deliver it sooner. Don‘t forget to inform the customers about the shipment‘s movement either, as they eagerly expect the parcels to arrive before the holidays! Good services ensure that the customers will return next year too!
  • Help customers in choosing what might be appropriate for their loved ones! Create a special section for Christmas gifts – and perhaps even gift vouchers for those, who cannot easily pick their favourites on your site!
  • Offer free shipping or extended warranty. If you have higher prices, but provide superior services, let the customers know.
  • Ensure extended return time.

4. Do bidding

  • Keep your items on the top positions. This will get you up to 44% extra clicks for your online store. Many Mergado users set cost-per-click by using our Bidding Fox app.

5. Think ahead

  • Understand what your customers think. Try to work with services such as Smartlook, Matomo or Crazy Egg.
  • Keep your data under control. Make sure you have set the same names of your traffic sources in Mergado and Google Analytics.
  • Include January discounts in your next year's strategies.
  • Do not forget that every proper online store has its mobile version.


Think about whether you've done everything for your or your client's advertising. And if there is something else that we can help you with, send us a message. We wish you a lot of success. And do not forget: it's not just about Christmas - you will appreciate the precise advertising throughout the whole year.

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