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Article published 22. 08. 2023
| 2 minutes read

Advertising fashion on the specialized comparison site GLAMI is practically a necessity today. Are you not yet using its possibilities? MERGADO Editor will help you prepare your product data and in cooperation with GLAMI offers a discount voucher.

Use special code

Have you decided to register at GLAMI? Then be sure to take advantage of the special codemergado”, which will give you a bonus of 50 % of your top-up up to €80 when you first sign up.

How to redeem the voucher

  1. Register your shop on GLAMI.
  2. Enter:
    1. basic information about the online store
    2. information about the person who will manage this account
    3. information about delivery prices
  3. The discount code is activated by:
    1. contact GLAMI support, 
    2. or add it after the name of your online store (e.g.: mujeshop.cz-mergado)
      1. GLAMI staff will then edit the online store’s name into an adequate form themselves

Learn how to easily get rid of deficiencies in the product feed for GLAMI using the MERGADO Editor. Read the easy-to-follow guide 6 most common mistakes in GLAMI feed and how to fix them

Run a free Feed Audit
  • improve the condition of your feed and get recommendations for its adjustment
  • fast and free technical analysis

GLAMI facilitates sale of fashion and accessories

If you focus on selling fashion and accessories, you can use both paid and unpaid versions of the ad. On GLAMI, you pay the moment someone clicks through to your online store. The cost per click varies depending on the category you sell in and the device from which customers click through to your online store. For the unpaid version, you must have the GLAMI pixel installed on your online store.

In which countries can you advertise on GLAMI

The comparison engine operates in 16 European countries and Brazil. In addition, it offers the possibility of advertising on the sustainable fashion comparison site GLAMI.eco.

With MERGADO you can set up advertising for GLAMI yourself

Are you considering expanding the number of advertising channels in your domestic market or expanding abroad? With MERGADO, you can use the formats for the advertising channels you already use and convert them to the ones you currently need. With MERGADO, you can manage your online store advertising yourself — speeding up your daily marketing tasks and saving you the cost of programming.

MERGADO with a 30-day free trial
  • optimize your feed by yourself and save the cost for the developer’s time
  • full access to all features already in the trial version

The MERGADO Editor is a powerful tool for hundreds of online store owners and marketers who successfully trade on GLAMI. Join them by learning the features of MERGADO. We’ll walk you through its use for free at our fall webinar dates – sign up for the ones you’re most interested in.

Author / Lukáš Horák / 22. 08. 2023

Lukáš takes care of most of the Czech and English communication in Mergado. Through blogs, e‑mail, and social networks, he regularly supplies readers with e‑commerce news and news and tips from Mergado. In his time off, he enjoys simple things like badminton, digging the hidden gems of the 80’s, and seafood served with red wine.

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