How Mergado works and why it is so handy

To make your advertising on product search engines successful, you must have an XML feed set up according to their required specifications. You no longer have to hire a programmer to make these modifications. With Mergado, you can set up advertising campaigns for your online store yourself. How does this tool work? This short article will introduce you to it.

How Mergado works

Mergado is a smart intermediary between your online store and product search engines. It regularly downloads XML files with information about your goods, which it then processes and prepares the output data for download by product search engines. Mergado works online without interfering with your store, and it provides you with many advanced functions with a few clicks. It currently supports 400 advertising systems in 41 countries.

The scheme of Mergado operation.

Start with a Feed Audit

You can find the weak points in the advertisement by auditing the XML feed. All you need to know is its URL. You will receive the audit results by e-mail. They contain all the bugs in your campaigns and tips on how to fix them. You can fix most of these errors directly in Mergado.

What can you do with Mergado?

  • Optimization of advertising costs in product search engines – e. g. setting the offered price per click according to the price of goods.
  • Pairing of products due to a change in the name passed through the engine service, the name of the category, the addition of missing data (e. g. a manufacturer by category, description, etc.).
  • Bulk hiding of unsold or duplicate products and goods at zero price.
  • Eliminating minor errors, such as unapproved characters.
  • Making temporary changes to feeds, such as a short-term extension of the name with an action benefit (free shipping, gift), seasonal change in cost-per-click (price increase for summer, reduction for winter, or vice versa).

Do you want to learn to work with Mergado? For instructions on using the tool, see the Get Started with Mergado page.

Mergado also offers


Mergado is designed to keep your data as up-to-date as possible and to automatically manage thousands of items at once. Try it for free for the first 30 days.

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