How to import a feed from Dropbox to Mergado

Do you use Dropbox to store your shop data? Save time searching for instructions on how to manage the import of feed into Mergado. We have prepared a simple procedure which help you to set up file sharing correctly. Let's get to it.

Clear instructions for Dropbox users

Have you experienced that when you shared a file, the URL only pointed to a preview? Follow the steps below to get a direct link to download the file.


1. Upload your feed to Dropbox.

2. In the file, click the link to copy it to the file.

3. In Mergado, run the wizard to create new export and paste the copied link.

4. Overwrite the value at the end of the URL "dl = 0" to "dl = 1" before continuing.

5. Click Continue. It will start the required product import.

Use the previous procedure only for Dropbox storage. Need help with setting up storage for Google Drive or iCloud? Contact our support.

At Mergado, we work to ensure that you can set up advertising flawlessly and on your own. Don't forget to back up your feed, which will ensure your work and save you worries.


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