MERGADO in nutshell: the best of 2023

Article published 14. 12. 2023
| 3 minutes read

MERGADO Wrapped 2023 is here! How many of your questions have we solved, blog articles written or e‑commerce specialists trained this year? Take a look under the hood of this year and read about all the exciting things that have happened at MERGADO.

New app, lots of desirable features and broken records

  • Right at the beginning of the year, you could try the new Clicking Goat app. Since then, it has been helping PPC specialists to advertise better on Sklik, it offers a link to OpenAI and now also to the Icecat product database. 
  • In addition to the apps, our developers have been working hard on the MERGADO Editor. They have released 20 enhancement releases to make MERGADO exactly what you need it to be. We can boast about a simplified registration form, an extended re-generation scheduler with 3 time slots, or a new Remove Parameters rule.
  • Tickets, tickets, tickets. How many have we received from you this year? Our handy supporters helped you solve 7,569 issues throughout the year! That works out to almost 21 tickets a day. And that doesn’t count phone inquiries! 
  • You can’t make it in the dynamic world of e‑commerce without education. Product feeds, bidding, image marketing, AI, SEO, Shoptet, regular expressions, etc. — these are all topics of the training courses that you could attend for free this year. This year we went all out and held a record 109 webinars. As a result, 1044 people improved their skills!
  • In June, we had an event that fortunately happens only once every few years. Moving. We moved from Minská in Brno, where we spent a beautiful 8 years, to Cejl, where we live in much bigger and newer premises.
  • If you don’t read our blog yet, it’s time to change that. This year you could read 150 useful articles and guides in up to 4 languages
  • Should we start thinking about a YouTube career too? You’ve spent an impressive 800 hours watching videos on our channel. Which one did you enjoy the most? A recording of Libor Toporcer’s talk on Performance Max.
  • Do you know what office hours are? They are our livestreams on social media, in which we show you quickly and briefly a lot of tips and tricks from MERGADO Editor and our extension apps. We’ve already livestreamed 40 times since the beginning of the year! 
  • We have more and more of you on social media, and that makes us incredibly happy. We get the most hearts and likes from you for Instagram reels of our team-building sessions and introducing colleagues on LinkedIn
  • We’ll end this year’s review with a staff recap. MERGADO continues to grow. This is evidenced by the 10 new faces we welcomed this year. We also celebrated two weddings and the birth of two babies.

Christmas working hours of MERGADO Support

The MERGADO Editor doesn’t take time off for the holidays, so you can count on it to keep running over Christmas. If you would like to reach our support colleagues, either by email or phone, they will be available between the holidays from 27 December to 29 December between 9am and 4pm. Overfed with Christmas candies, but in full force, you will find us again from January 2.

We wish you peaceful holidays and a prosperous 2024!


Author / Veronika Kusalíková / 14. 12. 2023

A copywriter and content specialist Veronika is in charge of the content and communication in English. She spreads the word about MERGADO and e‑commerce on our blog and social media. After she shuts her computer down, you can catch her either travelling around Europe, knitting a sweater or strolling around second-hand shops.

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