The year 2022 was eventful for MERGADO. Check out our highlights

Article published 21. 12. 2022
| 3 minutes read

What moments did 2022 bring for us? We launched new webinars and introduced MERGADO 2. We would also like to boast about the achievements of our content, support, and development teams. Read the highlights that we managed throughout the year.

The year 2022 was action-packed and full of new functions

  • We expanded the limits of our tool and launched MERGADO 2. Have you tried the new version? You can read all the details on our forum.
  • We pulled off a lot of new features this year. Our DEV team made 21 releases
  • Our support team tackled over 7,500 user queries this year.
  • In the past 12 months, we have also focused on the MERGADO Academy. In addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we have also educated users from abroad, specifically in 24 webinars in Hungarian and English.
  • In 2022, we added a new Case Studies section to the blog. You can get inspired by e‑commerce experts here. And how many articles has our content team created for you? 160 total, in up to 5 languages.
  • What was the news from the MERGADO Store? We released a new version of the Pairing Bear app. The Bidding Fox family launched the Fox Data+ app, which makes product monitoring much easier.

MERGADO Support is here for you almost all the time

It’s time for our team to turn off the computers and recharge for the new year. Of course, MERGADO Editor is also fully operational during Christmas, and you can also contact our support from 27 to 30 December 2022. We look forward to seeing you back at work from 2 January.

Enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest. We thank you for being with us in 2022 and wish you a successful start to the year ahead.

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Author / Lukáš Horák / 21. 12. 2022

Lukáš takes care of most of the Czech and English communication in Mergado. Through blogs, e‑mail, and social networks, he regularly supplies readers with e‑commerce news and news and tips from Mergado. In his time off, he enjoys simple things like badminton, digging the hidden gems of the 80’s, and seafood served with red wine.

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