Mergado speeds up further work. It automatically suggests categories for Google

Article published 31.05.2022

Proper category setting is vital for listing the assortment in a comparison engine catalog and product matching. It will help you to improve your advertising. Mergado comes with functionality that speeds up category setup and prevents errors.

The Rename Categories In Bulk rule now includes automatic suggestions

One of the most used rules in Mergado is the Rename Categories In Bulk. Filling in the category names from the online store input feed is accelerated by the option to pre-fill the left page. The suggestions, which Mergado regularly updates according to the Google category tree, help to choose the proper category. This rule contains a Suggest Categories button.

Need to know how to use the Rename Categories In Bulk rule? Watch this video:

How automatic category suggestions work

  1. In the Rename Categories In Bulk rule, click the Suggest Categories button.
  2. Mergado then collects input element values ​​for product categories and sends them to the component.
  3. After a while, the automatic category suggestions for the output format that you see in the rule editing form return.
  4. Choose the best suggestion here and add it if necessary (e.g. if the proposed category was not complete).

This mechanism recognizes the type of string for the given output format based on the similarity of words and sentences. And because it knows the category tree for this format, it will suggest the most suitable category.

Because Mergado knows the format category tree, it suggests the most suitable category.

For which formats do we suggest categories



Would it be useful for you if we could suggest other formats? Message us which ones you need in Mergado.

Make sure your categories are set correctly. With the free Mergado Feed Audit, you get a list of bugs and recommendations on how to fix any issues you find.

Run a free Feed Audit
  • improve the condition of your feed and get recommendations for its adjustment
  • fast and free technical analysis

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