New features in Mergado accelerate advertising management

Our development team has prepared another batch of improvements and changes that accelerate Mergado processes and improve some of the applications. See what news will help you manage your advertising.

The new Mergado release brings major changes as well as minor adjustments

Major changes

  • We have added support for block comments in MQL (product selection query language) in format /* ... comment ... */.
  • For better protection against accidental deletion, you will now need a double confirmation when deleting the online store.


  • We have released validation of element names before the final export of XML feeds - now it is possible to export parameters whose names end with a colon.
  • We've accelerated the XML import process if the input XML file is valid.
  • Exporting XML files has also undergone slight optimization. On test data, we tracked up to 50% acceleration in the final data feed export.


  • The Overwrite in Bulk rule on the right side now tells values that are already used on the right.
  • For the Rename Categories in Bulk rule, the names of the input and output elements for the categories are also displayed on the Rules page.
  • If a rule applying process is in progress for a given export, its progress is shown at the top of the page in Mergado - with a click-through icon for detailed information. This feature is in the test phase and we're fine-tuning it.
  • We fixed a bug in the shipping pricing rule.

Custom format

  • We fixed a bug that occurred when a Custom format was used as input and output as one export.
  • We fixed a bug when exporting nested elements to a Custom format if more than one was defined for that format.
  • For custom formats, parameter and carrier names can now include a vertical character.


A fair share of news, what do you think? Would you like to have more functionalities in Mergado that other users will use too? Send us your ideas to our forum or technical support.


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