Make the most of Mergado trial period

Have you tried the free trial period of Mergado, and are you thinking about how to proceed? Whether you start advertising management with our tool or decide otherwise, we'll advise you on the next steps.

How to proceed after the trial period

1. Are you interested in Mergado, and do you plan to use it in the paid mode?

Prepare all data for full operation. After the end of the trial period, we will send you the first invoice according to the selected tariff. Information about your tariff and the billing period can be found in the header of your store.

Information on the used tariff and frequency of issued invoices.

You can also change the billing period according to your preferences in your profile in the Settings section and the Billing Information section.

Change of the billing period in Mergado.

Get acquainted with the invoicing and payment options for Mergado with articles:

Have a look at the qualities of Mergado - try its features for 30 days for free.

2. Have you tried Mergado, but decided not to continue using it?

Before the end of the trial period, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the upcoming first invoice. If you no longer want to work with Mergado, do not forget to delete exports or the store itself from the application. If your test data remains in Mergado, we will issue you a proforma invoice, and we will anticipate that you want to use it for another month.


You can delete the store (along with all exports) in Settings under the Delete Online Store tab.

Deleting an online store.

Not sure how to delete or otherwise configure Mergado? Our support will help you with that.

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