Mergado FAQ: Billing in Mergado

At the beginning of each month, Mergado is billed for the e-shops our users manage. Issued invoices are a frequent source of questions. Are you interested in their setting or changing the data? The second part of the Mergado FAQ series will get you all the important questions.


Answers to the most common questions on billing in Mergado

In Mergado, we distinguish more roles, but even if a large number of people work together to manage an online store, invoices are only issued to users who have the role of so-called owner.

In the User Settings section, simply change the owner role to another user. Subsequently, the new owner begins to receive invoices. The primary owner remains connected to the store in Mergado. His permissions will be changed to "Write". He can make all feed edits, including deleting all content. This status continues until the new owner revokes access to or withdraws it.


Check who has access to your Mergado stores and cancel any old contacts.

Invoices go to the owner's e-mail address. Either to his contact mail (registered here: if he/she completes a billing e-mail at:

Yes, you can find and download invoices directly in Mergado at (available if the user is logged in). However, only the user with the owner role will see the invoices.

You can edit them at (the page is available if the user is logged in). Any changes will be reflected in newly issued invoices. If you need to change the period on an already issued invoice (PROFORM), please contact us at our support.

It doesn't. Only if it was filled in instead of the business name on the billing information page (the page is available if the user is signed in).

Other questions

See above: "Where can I set the period for which I will receive my Mergado invoice?"

See above: "What e-mail does Mergado invoice go to?"

See above: "Where can I edit my billing information?"

See above: "Is it possible to find invoices directly in Mergado?" or contact our support.

We hope we have clarified everything you need to know about billing and how to set it up. If we have not answered some other questions, please contact us at support. The third part of the Mergado FAQ will guide you through the most common questions about payments in Mergado


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