Get data from Mergado to Google Sheets

Do you need to monitor data from Mergado, filter it, or share it with team members? In the new mini-series, we'll show you how easily you get them from Mergado to the services you use. First, we'll show you how to send Mergada data to Google Sheets.

Easy collaboration with Mergado and Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a frequently used tool in which you can create easy-to-use spreadsheets to work with colleagues from your team. Many professionals use this service for further data processing (sorting, filtering, monitoring, etc.).

If you need to get data from Mergado to Google Sheets, here's how:

  1. In the new sheet, enter the XML feed import function in the first cell: IMPORTXML, which has the following syntax:
  2. Take the URL from Mergado -> use the output URL.
  3. You can set the XPath as needed, for example, if you have products in the SHOPITEM element, use "//SHOPITEM".
  4. Google Sheets will retrieve and divide your data into columns - each product in one line.


When importing into Google Sheets, you can import some data and create simple conditions using a properly specified XPath. For example, if you only want to list PRODUCTNAME for products with PRICE_VAT bigger than or equal to 500, use XPath: "//SHOPITEM[PRICE_VAT>=500]/PRODUCTNAME".

In Google Sheets, you can filter data by adding filters, apply conditional formatting, use scripts, get a summary of changes and other features of the Google spreadsheet itself.


Google Sheets has some limitations on the size of the imported data; Linking data from Mergado is easy, and you and your team get a real overview of your data.


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