Simplify your advertising settings with Mergado apps

The Mergado apps family is wide. To get an overview of what apps help you set up your advertising, we've made you a list of all the useful information. Read what Mergado apps are perfect for you.


Useful assistants that expand the functions of Mergado


Paid apps


Increase the CTR of your ads

Feed Image Editor enhances product photos for Facebook product ads, helping to increase your ad clickthrough rates.


Build your advertising on data

Bidding Fox Elements improves the performance of advertising by working with statistical data for comparison engines and creates new elements.


Check that your product URLs are correct

URL Checker checks all your product URLs to make sure they are correct. The app checks for redirects that may result in loss of information about which channel the user came from. It also checks whether there is a URL in the feed that points to a 404 page.


Free apps


Record important cases in your advertising

Mergado Logbook is used to keep records of important events in advertising management. It keeps your notes clear and in one place, so you can easily find them.


Organize your tasks

With the Mergado ToDo List app you can organize tasks into a simple to do list. It is suitable, for example, for conducting finished tasks for individual exports.


Save your store information

Mergado Pages helps you save your store information directly to Mergado and easily share it with your team. Pages gives you the space to create documentation in a simple yet elegant way.


Avoid running out of credit

Credito monitors how much credit remains in the comparison engines. It is tied to a store, so you need to activate it for each online store separately.


Save your passwords and other necessary information

Keychain saves passwords and other information necessary for other applications to work. Mergado Keychain is free, and many other applications require "collaboration" with it.


We see Mergado as a tool - for example, a hammer that is strong and striking, but a bit "rough". On the other hand, Mergado apps could be considered as chisels with which you can accurately handle individual operations in advertising management. Be in - make it easy for you to work with apps from Mergado Store.


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