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Article published 20. 07. 2018
| 2 minutes read

Summer is all around us but we are not taking a vacation from making Mergado better for you. Here is a load of fresh news from Mergado.

Custom feed

Recently we have introduced a brand new and very useful feature called custom feed, or custom format. The version allowed you to load any feed into Mergado. With the latest update, you can now create a custom feed on the output as well. This means that from Google shopping feed, for example, you can create a custom feed with your own specifications. It’s all about your creativity!

Creating new variables

Creating new variables has never been easier. We have upgraded the form for creating a new variable or regular expressions to make life easier for you.

The new type of queries

Creating product queries has also been updated. To search through products you can now use the new “contains the text” and “does not contain the text” filters (see image 2). Only note that if you are using the advanced interface to make your query, you need to use “CONTAINS” or “NOT CONTAINS” equivalents instead.

Planned Mergado downtime

From now on you will be notified in advance about planned releases and consequent possible app downtimes. You will see a notification which you can hide anytime, as well as a countdown until the next scheduled event.


And finally, a new element was added to the Shopalike.sk specification — SHIPPING_COST_EUR.


Get ready. We are launching Mergado TV in English soon. Stay tuned!

Author / Radim Zhoř / 20. 07. 2018
Tags: Mergado News

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