Import store's CSV files via URL with the latest Mergado release

Article published 17.10.2019

Are you also a user of Mergado who has been eagerly awaiting the feature of importing CSV data files into our platform? You can do this for several weeks using the new Data File Import rule. Starting this afternoon, you will also be able to add the data in this rule via the URL. And what else is new in the actual release?

Edit thousands of items in no time

We have received a lot of positive feedback on the implementation of the Import Data File rule to the Mergado. It saves a lot of time by importing changes to existing items using a CSV file. In the new release, we have simplified this process because the rule now supports embedding the data source over the specified URL.

Preview of CSV data insertion via URL.

The data file will be downloaded from the specified URL before the rules are applied. All other settings, such as mapping mode or mapping by :xid are also supported in this new mode.

Apply rules to only a part of the items

In the release from October 16, we also bring the ability to apply rules to “monitored” products - that is, products in the export that are marked to be tracked through their rules. You can find this option on the Rules page in the clickable button to launch the rule application.

Although this feature looks like a small thing, it will be priceless to you. This way, you can quickly check if the export settings are correct - querries, rules functionality, values of variables, and output elements, etc.

And what else is new?

  1. A new store can be created separately in Mergado. It is useful, for example, in the case of collisions of domain names present in feeds and from other stores.
  2. We've improved the Google Shopping Exporter, which can now properly export elements with attributes.
  3. We've fixed a bug that caused blue panel searching did occasionally not return results when the user entered the search string too quickly.


Minimize the need for manual adjustments in the store's items. Use the information from this article to save time on other advertising setup tasks.


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