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Article published 17.03.2020

Some time ago we introduced you to the new Macro feature. During its testing, we have improved some of its features and implemented new ones with the help of our insiders. Let's take a quick look at where it will make your work easier.

Learn how to work with Mergado macros, you speed up a lot of work

With macros, you can do several common tasks in Mergado. Their automation will save you a lot of valuable time.

Overview of macros in Mergado.

What existing macros do:

It creates a query and rule that adds the manufacturer to the product name.

It creates a single rewriting rule that ensures that every URL is unique.

It removes HTML tags, e. g. from product descriptions.

It swaps the values ​​of two tags, typically when it is necessary to replace the main product image (e. g. IMGURL) with one that is in the feed as an alternative (e. g. IMGURL_ALTERNATIVE).

It creates 10 queries to divide your products into 10 conversion levels. It assumes the active use of Bidding Fox Elements.

It creates 5 queries to divide products into 5 price levels.

It creates a query and rule that hides cheap products.

It creates a query and rule to hide products that are not currently in stock.


Automation is not just a word for us. We work hard to provide features that will speed up your daily advertising setup. Succeed with learning automated processes in Mergado. Do you have tips for new useful macros? Share them with us.


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