Expansion of your online store to Adriatic? Nothing complicated with Ceneje marketplace

Veronika Kusalíková
25. 8. 2023
3 minutes read

Are you considering expanding your online store beyond the Czech Republic? Enter the e‑commerce markets in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and other Balkan countries. They are characterized by low competition, high GDP and a steadily increasing number of online shoppers.

Are you considering expanding your online store beyond the Czech Republic? Enter the e‑commerce markets in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and other Balkan countries. They are characterized by low competition, high GDP and a steadily increasing number of online shoppers. MERGADO can help you with advertising on the most famous Adriatic goods comparison sites.

Why expand to Adriatic

One of the reasons to consider advertising your goods in South Eastern countries is that since joining the European Union, the former Yugoslav countries and their e‑commerce market revenues have been growing steadily, at around 10 % year-on-year. Together with the low number of online stores per population and increasing numbers of online shoppers, the Adriatic region gives room for new players to enter the local market. What are the other characteristics of this region?

Interesting facts about Adriatic e‑commerce market:

  • Croatians are very open to buying from abroad, with half of Croatians shopping online ordering goods from abroad, according to the latest figures. 
  • The most popular categories in terms of number of purchases in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are fashion, followed by electronics and household items.
  • The whole region (except Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is still a candidate country) is in the EU, so your logistics will be similarly simple as in other European countries.
  • Slovenia’s GDP is higher than the Czech Republic’s. So you have a better potential to generate more turnover for your online store.
  • Croatia introduced the euro for payments in 2023. Customers won’t have to worry about price changes based on different exchange rates.

Everything you need to know about expanding into the Croatian market is covered in our article How to expand to Croatia in 2020. If you are interested in what topics are most addressed in relation to Balkan e‑commerce, don’t miss our study What e‑commerce topics the Balkans are most interested in? Get an overview with MERGADO internal survey.

How to expand into Adriatic region

One of the easiest ways to make your goods visible in the countries of the former Yugoslavia is through local online marketplaces. They are already established on the market, they promise a safe purchase guarantee and shoppers trust them. One such comparison site is Ceneje.

Ceneje.si is the most popular shopping portal on the Slovenian internet, which has existed since 2008. Together with Croatia’s Jeftinije.hr, it receives more than 2.5 million unique visitors per month. It cooperates with more than 1,000 online stores and over 200 brands that present their products on more than 3 million product pages on each platform separately.

The great advantage is that Ceneje Group operates in all the main countries of the Adriatic region. You will find this popular comparison engine as Ceneje.si in Slovenia, Jeftinije.hr in Croatia, idealno.rs in Serbia and idealno.ba in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can thus target four countries with one comparison engine. Since 2018, Ceneje Group is also part of the Heureka Group, which means you can advertise your products in all 9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

How advertising on Ceneje works

Ceneje, Jeftinije and Idealno cover 13 main categories ranging from white goods, computers, sports equipment, fashion to fast moving consumer goods. In total, they offer over 7 million products.

The first step to start advertising is to fill out this form. Another option is to contact prodaja@ceneje.si directly. After that, Key Account Managers from Ceneja will contact you and guide you through the entire process of advertising your products.

To advertise on Ceneje you need an XML feed, which you send to Ceneje using the URL. In MERGAD we now support all Ceneje Group formats, so you can easily convert your feed in our editor.

Přeložte si feed do jednotlivých jazyků 

S aplikací MERGADO Translate vám v expanzi do zemí bývalé Jugoslávie už nic nebrání. Přeložíte s ní všechny vaše feedy do chorvatštiny či slovinštiny během pár kliků. 

With MERGADO you can set up advertising for Ceneje yourself

Expanding your e‑shop abroad is not difficult with MERGAD. With MERGADO, you can use the formats for the advertising channels you already use and convert them to the ones you currently need. With MERGADE, you can manage your online store advertising yourself — speeding up your daily marketing tasks and saving you the cost of programming.

Give expansion into Croatia, Slovenia and other Adriatic countries a chance. Advertising on established local price comparison sites such as Ceneje is a good first step. Set up your feed in MERGAD, upload to Ceneje and your foreign expansion can take off.

Vyzkoušejte MERGADO na 30 dní zdarma

MERGADO je feed marketingový nástroj, jehož pomocí dokážete hromadně a automatizovaně nastavovat inzerci pro řadu velkých zbožových srovnávačů, včetně Ceneje.

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