With Geizhals, you can advertise in several European markets

Article published 03.03.2022

The Geizhals is one of the biggest comparison engines in Austria and Germany. In addition, it operates in two other European countries and also in an international domain. Currently, you can find over 2 million products and over 13 million visits per month on its Austrian and German domains. These are pretty good reasons to start advertising here. Let's see how to do it.

One comparison engine, five options for where to expand

The Geizhals domains .at and .de are the best known, but in addition, sellers have the opportunity to advertise on:

  • skinflint.co.uk - An English version that displays offers for UK customers.
  • cenowarka.pl - Web mutation for the Polish market.
  • geizhals.eu - An international domain that lists all offers regardless of which countries they can be delivered to. It displays items in German, English, or Polish.

Geizhals sorts offers by price

Unlike many other comparison engines, Geizhals does not classify its clients' offers based on bidding or rating. By default, it sorts them by price. If the price is the same, the shipping time and stock decide what their order is. Only then the store's customer rating is taken into account.

All its versions give customers the option to sort offers by price, including shipping to a specific country.

Price including shipping to AT in the cheapest way. Source: geizhals.at

On all its sites, customers can filter products by stock and pickup options.

Offers in stock that can be picked up in person in Vienna under the routing number 1020. Source: geizhals.at

Who can advertise on Geizhals.de and .at?

The main rules for online stores that want to register here are:

  • headquarters in the EU
  • shipping goods to Austria and Germany
  • if the online store is located outside Austria and Germany:
    • it must set up its UID for the Austrian or German market
    • it must use the local VAT rate for orders to Austria and Germany
    • it must have a return address in Austria or Germany, or it must accpet the cost of any return transport itself

What is the feed specification for Geizhals, and what formats does it accept?

  • All information on the Geizhals feed specification can be found on its website.
  • The source of data that you can send to Geizhals is XML, CSV, XLS (xlsx) imports.

Mergado is a real help when advertising on Geizhals

Mergado is a feed marketing tool that allows you to set up advertising in bulk and automatically for many large comparison engines, including Geizhals.

  • Mergado offers complete support for the Geizhals format.
  • We offer the Feed Audit for all domains and automatically whisper a tree of categories.
  • Do you use or want to use some e-commerce platforms for advertising on Geizhals? Connect them conveniently with Mergado using the Mergado Pack.
  • You can bulk edit images that are pivotal here with the Feed Image Editor app.
Mergado with a 30-day free trial
  • optimize your feed by yourself and save the cost for the developer's time
  • full access to all features already in the trial version

Geizhals and its mutations are other profitable channels used by many expanding sellers. Overcome them with a well-prepared feed. Using Mergado can make it much easier to set up your advertising.

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