Pull off sales of fashion and furniture in 2021. With the news from specialized comparison engines

Do you wonder how to increase online fashion and furniture sales this year? As part of the Fashion (Re)search project, the GLAMI comparison engine has published an overview of fashion in e-commerce for 2020. Its predictions and tips will show you how to make your business more efficient. And if you advertise on Biano, you will soon be able to start using the new online store administration.

The GLAMI fashion report contains useful data

GLAMI has a large amount of data that can define the development of fashion e-commerce in the Czech Republic. In addition to a basic overview, development graphs during the year, and rankings of top sellers and the most sought-after products and categories, it also provides information on actual trends. These will help you set out on a path of success in 2021 and attract more users.

Where to find the report:

Overview of the online fashion market. Source: Report Overview of fashion e-commerce 2020 GLAMI.

What will shape fashion e-commerce in 2021?

Take advantage of the fact that social networks are gradually becoming the major sales channel. Thanks to the longer time spent at home and the general popularity of services such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others, the number of users who place their orders directly in this environment is growing. Individual social networks also add new marketing functions (e. g. creating catalogs or augmented reality), which speed up and simplify the purchasing process.

The sustainability trend is growing stronger, despite the financial uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In the Czech Republic, the range of sustainable products has increased ten times year-on-year, and up to 76% of survey respondents are willing to pay extra for sustainable goods. Join those who take environmental issues seriously in e-commerce - it will bring you many new customers.

Using AI is no longer the prerogative of e-commerce giants. Many medium and small stores use it to speed up and streamline their processes. Their employees can thus engage in other tasks such as customer care. Do you want to save costs and improve the customer experience? Implement virtual assistants among the online store functions to facilitate size selection or trend forecasting, image search, or hyper-personalization.

The expansion of coronavirus has accelerated the shift of fashion purchases from brick-and-mortar stores to online and has brought in many new customers. Long-term forecasts suggest that the situation will slowly return to normal in 2021. So you still have time to consider the shopping behavior of quarantined users.

The fourth point also influences the interest of users in comfortable products, such as home and sports clothing. This trend will also determine the development of the pandemic situation.

Biano launches a new online store administration in early February

The home & decor comparison engine Biano recently announced releasing of a new look for the e-shop administration. It will be clearer and will gradually offer several new functions, such as improved statistics or a supportive education system. Biano deployed a new administration on February 9, 2021.


Guide your fashion and furniture business on the path of current trends. It will be beneficial for you in many countries, for example in advanced German e-commerce.



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