The eM Files app is a win for marketers. They no longer have to wait for the data to be added to the feed by online stores

Employees of marketing agencies and freelance specialists know how tedious it can be to wait for data to be added by an online store. You would like to edit the information in the XML feed and make the advertisement more efficient as soon as possible, but the store has not added data to the feed. The eM Files app allows you to speed up such situations. With it, you place files on the Internet so that they are publicly available and accessible to any number of users.

Be able to place files on the Internet by yourself

Let's take an example. You are a marketer, you want to add missing pictures of goods to the feed, but the store has not added them to the website yet. Before, you wouldn't be able to improve your advertising in this regard, and you'd have to wait. Thanks to eM Files, you upload the files by yourself and fill in the missing data whenever you need it.



How to use eM Files

If you have activated the app in the Mergado Store, open it in Mergado and:

1. Click the + New file / folder button

2. a) Upload a file or folder (e. g. with product images) that you want to place on the Internet.

2. b) Create a file or folder.

3. The uploaded files will be available at the URL. Everyone who has access to the online store in Mergado has access to them. With these files, you modify the data in the XML feed as needed.

Additional features of eM Files

  • organize files into folders
  • copy their links
  • download
  • edit text files


The files are public. They will be available at an address that is not easy to guess. However, they will be available. The aim is to store, for example, images that are public. They are not suitable for storing confidential data.


What you use eM Files for

  • Save images that can be referenced from an XML feed.
  • Save configuration CSVs that can be connected to Mergado by the Data File Import rule. One file can be linked to multiple exports. By changing in one CSV, you affect more exports.
  • Save CSV to create new exports in Mergado.
  • ...and there is much more to use.


Turn on eM Files for 10 days for free. Its use will significantly speed up the management of advertising on the side of agency or freelance employees without the need to wait for the activity of clients. And speaking of product images - try the Feed Image Editor app. First, do a free image audit to learn how to increase your ad clickthrough rate.

eM Files

With eM Files, you place files on the Internet so that they are publicly available and accessible to multiple users. This can greatly facilitate your work, because you do not have to wait for the data to complete an online store itself.

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