Make your image ads better with updated Feed Image Editor

Feed Image Editor is now more intuitive and easier to use. Thanks to these changes, you will make it simple to create product images. Want to know what news is waiting for you in the app? Read on.

New FIE features make it easy to prepare image ads

New template

Creating a new template part has made several changes. On the right, you can edit your images in three cards, Products, Format, and Layers (this card has been renamed from the name Shape), which you can freely toggle between. In the left corner, there have been added the options to add a new layer, switch to another product, and view a template preview.

The current look of creating a new template. Source:

Product and Format Cards

In these cards, developers have only changed the look. The process of creating an image is still the same:

  1. First, name the template
  2. Then select which product query you want to apply
  3. In the Format card, select the size of the ad, adjust your photo, etc.

Layers Card

In this card, you find a list of all the layers (ie the used graphic elements) that the template contains.

To create a new layer, click the New Layer button on the right panel or in the left corner next to the product image preview. The new layer opens in the new tab. You can insert and edit the graphics into it, as you know from previous versions of FIE. For example by using Dynamic features that are directly linked to your feed.

Deleting layers is now done by clicking the Trash icon in the Layout List or by selecting Delete Layer in that layer.

Layer editing. Source:

Feed Image Editor is a very useful app. But it's not the only one. Check out the Mergado Store - you'll find a number of smart applications there.

Feed Image Editor

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