Should you want to concur Polish e‑commerce, be present at the Allegro. Its position on the local market is strong that the biggest hypermarket chains like Carrefour use their services to grow their reach.

Should you want to concur Polish e‑commerce, be present at the Allegro. Its position on the local market is strong that the biggest hypermarket chains like Carrefour use their services to grow their reach.

Currently, there are 28.2 million internet users in Poland and 73% of them are online shoppers. For 86% of them Allegro is the preferable marketplace. How did Allegro become the leading sales platform in Poland?

What Allegro is?

The history of Allegro is similar to those we know from Silicon Valley. Everything started in the basement of the IT warehouse in 1999. At that time, polish online world was only setting in and Allegro had a massive impact on how it looks today. The website, which at first was an auction platform for hobbyists, quickly transitioned into the most popular e‑commerce platform.

Currently, Allegro offices are located in Poznań, Toruń Wrocław, Cracow and Warsaw and hire approx. 2000 top specialists from the fields of IT and e‑commerce. 

As a marketplace Allegro does not have any competition in Poland.

More than 125 000 e‑shops use its services daily while selling approx 1.2 mln products each day. 95% of these products are new, unused goods. They are sold with the warranty and/​or insurance and payment for them is possible in 0% installments.

Is Allegro similar to Amazon?

As mentioned before Allegro’s prime purpose was to be an auction site. This has not changed until today, but the platform has adjusted to the current market needs by offering fixed price products and a variety of services for both customers and e‑shops. 

The main difference between the platforms is their way of handling the products. At Allegro each seller is obliged to create an individual product card for each of their products, while in Amazon one product page is used by multiple sellers.

Should you wanna use Allegro, you need to provide all the information for each product, regardless of the product’s presence on the platform. 

How to use Allegro?

Selling on Allegro is easy. You need to set your Allegro account, PayU account (enabling transferring payments from allegro to your bank account) and you are good to go. Below we share short how-to instructions as well as a few recommendations that will help you successfully sell the products via Allegro’s services.

How to set your Allegro account? 

Everybody can create an Allegro account.

The registration page consists of two subpages and you can find it HERE. The very first one allows registration of the private account (Konto Zwykłe), the second one registration of business account (Konto firma). 

To register a business account you need to include the following:

  • Email address,
  • Login,
  • Password,
  • Phone number, 
  • NIP (tax registration number).

How to set your PayU account? 

Creating of PayU account is very straightforward. Click THIS link to be taken to the registration page.

To register you need to include the following: 

  • Name and surname
  • Email address
  • Phone number, 
  • Tax registration number as well as the location of your company


The only currency valid on the Allegro website is Polish Zloty. PayU stores and sends the funds in PLN. Hence, to connect with PayU account, you will probably need to set an account in a Polish bank.


Allegro allows sales of all of the products that are legal and not forbidden within Polish borders, but while leaving freedom of product choice there are a few practices that will improve your sales in any given field. 

The following practices are not mandatory, yet Allegro recommends to follow them to ensure successful sales on their platform. 

  • Allegro recommends free delivery for new goods
  • Allegro recommends enabling returns 
  • Allegro recommends using local, Polish warehouse spaces to decrease the delivery time and cost
  • Allegro recommends using the Polish language to create the listings 

Will you use Allegros services?

Even though Allegro is not a usual comparison site, it is a beloved marketplace for the majority of Polish internet users. Existing on the Polish eCommerce scene demands presence on the Allegro platform. Will you use it? Let us know in the comments below.