Mergado Product XML 1.8 simplifies the transfer of product data

Article published 02.06.2020

For your online store to work at its best, you must regularly monitor changes in the XML specifications of comparison engines. And it's usually time-consuming. You can reduce this time to a minimum by using Mergado Product XML. With it, you seamlessly convert data for all supported ad system formats. See what's new in its version 1.8.

Mergado Product XML supports many important online store solutions. Source:

Mergado Product XML 1.8 clarifies the notation of numbers and adds new elements


See the complete specification of version 1.8. Here are some key changes:

Writing numbers

  • We have specified the way of writing numbers - we now introduce them as a sequence of numbers without spaces or other characters.
  • Decimal numbers are separated by a decimal point.
  • Mergado can continue to process various entries – for example, single input can help macro authors.

Element COST

  • The new element COST indicates the purchase price of products without VAT, including storage costs, etc.
  • It calculates the margin.
  • It is designed both for the purchase price of goods and other direct costs, it is suitable for pricing.

Element COST_VAT

  • The new element COST_VAT is similar to the element COST, it states the value of the purchase price including VAT.


Use Mergado Product XML. When you learn your shop system to support this XML format, Mergado will convert it to dozens of advertising systems. Also, as a part of our tool, you get the chance to use advanced analytics or applications from the Mergado Store.


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