Get rid of image errors with Diagnostics in the Feed Image Editor app

Poor product images slow down advertising. There are several errors you need to watch out for, but the manual check takes a lot of time. That's why Feed Image Editor has come up with a new Diagnostics page to give you a quick overview of errors.

You can easily find the errors

The diagnostics section provides a clear graph. From one place, you can find out if, and how many of your products have problematic images.

Overview in section Diagnostics. Source:

The categories are divided according to the severity of the impact on advertising


This section highlights the major errors. They may cause comparison engines, and advertising channels reject your advertisement.

It includes:

  • missing images
  • unavailable images
  • unsupported file format
Category Problems in the Diagnostics section. Source:


In this category, you find errors that limit advertising.

Which are:

  • notification of illegal characters in the image URL
  • unsupported image format
  • watermarks
  • too many alternate images
Warning category in the Diagnostics section. Source:


Here, you find the least serious issues you can take to improve the quality of your image ads.

These include, for example:

  • low-quality images
  • transparent background
  • products with the same image
  • etc.
Category Recommendations in the Diagnostics section. Source:

Are you worried that you will not be able to correct the discovered errors? Read the series of articles The Way to the Ideal Feed. Each episode will guide you through solving each type of error. It will make your image ad work flawlessly.


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