More Efficient Expansion Into Any Market With An Automatic Translation Of Your Website Texts. Manage it with the Ordelogy Translate app

Article published 05.04.2022

Are you expanding into a foreign e-commerce environment, and a manual translation of your product data takes a long time? Do it automatically. It speeds up the whole process and eliminates possible errors. With Ordelogy Translate, you automatically translate product descriptions and texts from websites. You only need them to be in formats that Mergado processes.

What Ordelogy Translate Can Do

  • If you use XML or CSV format, it translates the data in Mergado exports into the required language.
  • It uses the DeepL or Google Translate API for translation.
  • Depending on the number of products or other texts, it can do the initial translation, usually within minutes to an hour.
  • After that, the new products will be translated automatically during the normal automatic feed regeneration in Mergado.

Into Which Languages ​​The App Translates

  • 24 European (English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Dutch, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Maltese, German, Polish, Romanian, Croatian, Russian, Greek, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish)
  • 2 Asian (Chinese, Japanese)

How Ordelogy Translate Works

1. Set up a connection to the external service you want to translate with (Google Translate or DeepL).

  • Google Translate provides $ 300 free credit for the introductory translation. It may be enough for a translation of about 20 thousand products (depending on the length of the texts).
  • According to many sources, DeepL is the best machine translation.

2. Create a translation rule in the app. You set:

  • what translator to use
  • from which language to translate
  • what product query to translate
  • which elements from the feed to translate

3. The translation takes place while applying the rules during the regeneration of the feed in Mergado.

4. Translation fine-tuning is possible via manual adjustments or rules in Mergado.

  • The rules must be included in the rules overview under the translation rule.

What You Can Use Ordelogy Translate For

  • translation of an online store for expansion to another country
  • translation of product data for foreign advertising or marketplaces
  • translation of product data from foreign suppliers
  • translation of product data for foreign wholesale customers

How Much Does Ordelogy Translate Cost

When translating with Ordelogy Translate, you pay for:

  1. using the app
  2. the price of the translation itself in Google Translate or DeepL. You have an account in the translation service
  3. NOTE:
    1. the application does not charge a surcharge for translated characters
    2. the first 30 days of its use are free

You can find a summary of prices according to the price lists of individual services and a model example for a better insight at the Mergado Store Ordelogy Translate profile.

Try The Ordelogy Translate App
  • automatically translates online store product data and texts on the web
  • speeds up expansion and eliminates possible manual errors

Ordelogy Translate is a powerful tool for all expanding enterprises, with which it speeds up and automates all translations into other language versions of its websites. Try its qualities for 30 free days.


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